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Why Pool and Hot Tub Wiring is Not a DIY Job

Before the construction and installation of your new pool or hot tub begins, you may want to think about who you’ve got on your team working on your equipment. If you or your contractor have not yet hired a certified electrician for the job, it’s time to make the call. Working with a licensed electrician the whole way through ensures that everything runs properly and, more importantly, that your friends and family are safe. If you want to make sure your new pool or spa installation goes smoothly, it’s of utmost importance that you hire someone with the proper licensing for pool and hot tub wiring, no matter how much of an electrical background you may have.

Tasks that should ALWAYS be left to a professional

Even if you are an avid do-it-yourselfer or if you consider yourself to be electrically adept, pool and hot tub wiring should be completed by someone with the proper licensing. Here are a few steps that only a trained electrician is able to properly complete.

  • Setting up Equipment According to Code – When wiring a pool or hot tub, it’s absolutely vital that each component is installed in a manner and a location that is up to code. Electrical equipment such as pumps and motors must be located a safe distance away from the swimming pool or hot tub itself, usually somewhere between 10 and 20 feet. If you want to pass any potential inspections, make sure your electrician is fully licensed.
  • Installing a Sub Panel and Bonding – A subpanel must be installed near your existing service panel (breaker box) to provide power to the pool or tub equipment, though in some case, there may not be enough amps to hold your pool equipment, and major electrical work could become necessary. For safety purposes, a technician uses bonding wire to protect the electrical equipment should any failures occur.
  • Testing the Equipment – Finally, an electrician has all of the tools necessary to test the equipment and make sure everything is working properly. The cost of these devices alone is enough reason to leave this to someone who is already set up for installation.

Count on the experts at FB Electrical Services to set up the electrical equipment for your new pool or hot tub wiring to avoid electric shock or system failure. Call your electrical experts in Cambridge, MA today.

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