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Why Invest in a Portable Generator?

Should you have any reason to worry about prolonged power outages in your home, you are smart to consider the installation of a whole-house generator on your property. If power outages are rarely an issue, though, or if they tend to be resolved quite promptly in your area, then you may not think that investing in a whole-house generator is worthwhile. Even so, you may want to have a bit of extra security in the event that the power to your home does go out. For a little extra peace of mind, at a much more affordable price, a portable generator in Dracut, MA is worth considering. Give FB Electrical Services Inc. a call to learn more about available makes and models.

Portable and Versatile

Whole-house generators are permanent installations on one’s property. They must be properly sized for the electrical demands of that property, and they are hardwired right into the home’s electrical system. For many homeowners, especially those in urban and suburban areas, this level of protection is a bit of overkill. The portable generator is a versatile piece of equipment that you can use in many different settings in order to power an admittedly more limited array of electronics.

A portable generator is not going to keep your entire house up and running, nor will it be able to support large HVAC systems. You must plug your gadgets and electronics directly into the generator in order to use it. If you are just looking to keep a few items up and running during a power outage—allowing you to run the refrigerator to protect your food supply, charge your phones, even watch a DVD—then a portable generator is a great option to consider. Not only that, but they are extremely handy for camping trips, and even tailgating on game day. They can also be used to power medical equipment in a pinch. We ourselves have serviced a portable generator on a medical service mobile unit truck. Give us a call if a portable generator sounds like a good fit for your needs.


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