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Why Does the Breaker Keep Tripping?

In this day and age, when we rely upon electronics for so many different purposes, homeowners really need to know that the electrical systems in their homes are going to operate reliably. Successfully charging laptops and powering our appliances aside, we must also know that our electrical systems are functioning safely. To guarantee that you are able to use your electrical system in a dependable and safe manner, you need to have a great circuit breaker professionally installed in your home. If you notice that your breaker is frequently tripping, though, then something may be amiss. Contact the Boston, MA circuit breaker pros on our staff to have any problems resolved. The electricians at FB Electrical Services Inc., are sure to do the job right.

What the Circuit Breaker Does

Your circuit breaker serves the same function that the fuse box once did; it is responsible for the safe distribution of electricity throughout your home. The current is broken up onto different circuits, and each circuit will have a breaker in the box. Certain appliances may be on a designated circuit, while other circuits will cover an area of the home. When the power running to any circuit reaches overload levels, or if there is a fault of any kind on the circuit, the breaker will trip, stemming the flow of electricity until the breaker is reset.

What Causes Tripped Breakers?

Generally speaking, an overloaded circuit is the cause of a tripped breaker. This prevents overheating on the circuit, and is a very important safety measure. Short circuits are also possible causes, and are more concerning. Essentially, this occurs when a hot wire touches a neutral wire in one of the outlets on the circuit. This can cause a spike in current flow, and can result in overheating of the circuit, which will trigger the breaker to trip. Crossed wires are serious business, so contact us if you suspect that you have any such issues. Ground faults are a third cause, and are similar to short circuits in that a hot wire touches the ground wire within an outlet box. No matter what is causing your breakers to trip, you should schedule professional service if it is a frequent problem.

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