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When Does Whole-House Rewiring Become Necessary?

Rewiring a home is no easy task, and not one that you would probably willingly take on yourself—nor should you. However, sometimes whole-house rewiring is necessary in order to improve daily electrical use and to increase home safety. This type of job requires a team of expert electricians who are licensed and trained in this type of electrical service.

Why Would I Need Whole-House Rewiring?

The demand for electricity in our homes has dramatically increased since the 1980s, and seems to only be rising. In addition to more powerful appliances, there are constant technological advances and new devices out on the market, all requiring electricity to run.

Even if your home is only a couple decades old, it could very well need a wiring upgrade, as this heightened demand for power can easily overwhelm an older wiring system. Additionally, if your home is over 5 decades old and still has its original copper wiring, you and your family could be in danger of fire risks and power surges.

Besides Age, How Do I Know if I Need Rewiring?

Below are a few signs that indicate you could be in need of whole-house rewiring:

You have aluminum wiring: In the mid-60s through the mid-70s, aluminum wiring replaced copper wiring. However, aluminum wiring can overheat and cause fires, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission. If you’ve confirmed that you home was built during this time, you’ll want to consult with a professional electrician.

Your circuit breakers are constantly tripping: Have you found yourself habitually going to the circuit breaker panel to reset tripped breakers? If this is the case, it could be a sign from your home that its electrical system can’t handle the current demands being placed on it.

You’ve noticed charred, discolored outlets: Marks such as these are indicative of electrical fires caused by shorts within the outlet. At the very least, the outlet will need an upgrade, but it’s best to replace all the wiring.

There is an acrid smell in the air: Have you noticed a burning smell when you turn on the lights in your home, with no clear source? Then it’s time to call an electrician, because something could be wrong with your home’s wiring and it will need replacement.

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