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What You Need to Know About Rewiring a Basement

When it comes to DIY jobs, electrical wiring is one thing that you should avoid. Most wiring or rewiring jobs are incredibly complex, and require the expertise of trained and licensed professional electricians, such as the members of our staff. You also don’t want to trust this job to an amateur or a general “handyman” as they most likely lack the necessary training to do the job right.

One of the most popular rewiring jobs people choose to proceed with is finishing their basement, which requires a good amount of rewiring throughout. Keep reading to learn more about what this type of job requires, and why you should only trust the professionals to complete it.

Your Basement Must Be Completely Dry

Even the smallest drip coming through your below-grade walls can create a problem. You’ll want to have the outside checked to ensure that the ground is graded away from your foundation, and also will want to check for cracks in your foundation walls and have that damage repaired if necessary.

Building Codes Must Be Followed

Chances are, you don’t know the local building codes in your area. Many times, you’ll need to get building permits to make any electrical changes to this room of your home, as that room may need to be inspected before the job begins. Our electricians are aware of these rules and will take the necessary steps to ensure the job is done correctly.

You May Want a Drop Ceiling

A drop, or suspended, ceiling is one that is lower than the natural ceiling of your basement. This allows you to conceal any new plumbing that is put in, as well as electrical components such as wires. The good news is, there are plenty of attractive options for these types of ceilings. This also allows you to give your lighting a recess, which allows you more space for light fixtures.

Utility Rooms Should Not Be Finished

As tempting as it may be to finish your entire basement, keeping the space housing your HVAC units and water heater clear, open, and unfinished is a good idea. That’s because these spaces have specific code requirements, plus your service professionals will need access for maintenance and repairs.

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