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What Sets an Automatic Standby Generator Apart?

Summer storms and problems with the electrical grid can lead to power outages wherever you may live. There was a time when candles and flashlights were really the only way in which to make it through a power outage in one’s home. Thankfully, those days are far behind us at this point. If you are interested in keeping your home powered, despite the fact that you’re receiving no power from the grid, we strongly recommend that you consider the installation of a whole-house generator. More specifically, we suggest that you give the use of an automatic standby generator in  Needham Heights, MA some serious consideration. 

Why Choose This Type of Generator?

Some homeowners may only be interested in keeping an appliance or two running in the event of a power outage. In such instances, a portable generator may suffice, though these systems are really better suited for the campground or use at tailgating events. For whole-house protection, though, a whole-house generator is obviously the way to go.

What happens when you’re not at home to activate your generator, though? Do you just leave a chest freezer or your refrigerator without any electricity to keep them up and running, even if you’re going to be gone a few days? With the use of an automatic standby generator, you won’t have to worry about integral systems shutting down in the event of a power outage, even if you are not there to start up the generator manually.

A whole-house generator is wired into your electrical system directly, and automatic standby models are designed to detect the loss of electricity to the system. Once it has, the generator springs into action, powering your systems so that you won’t have to worry about spoiled food, failed security systems, and so on.

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