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What Does a Central Vacuum System Installation Entail?

How often have you found yourself considering getting some vacuuming done in your home, only to put it off because it’s simply too much physical work and takes too much time? Vacuuming a home, especially a multi-story home, can be an unpleasant and cumbersome chore. If procrastinating about cleaning your home is something you do often, you should consider installing a central vacuum system to make the job much easier. With a central vacuum, you only need to carry a lightweight hose attachment around the house. You then plug it into a local outlet that connects to a central pressurized suction system. You can vacuum the area around the outlet, and all the debris is moved to a single collection point that you can empty at your own convenience.

Putting in a central vacuum in a home is a complex process that requires numerous special tools and knowledge of ventilation systems, so you must have professionals handle the work. To arrange for central vacuum system installation in Needham, MA, contact FB Electrical Services. Our experienced team will have your new vacuum system set up quickly and see that it has no air leaks or other performance issues.

To install a central vacuum system, the technicians first determine the number of outlets necessary and then place both the outlets and the power unit: i.e. the vacuum itself, which is housed out of the way in the garage or basement. Once the installers have these two different sets of terminal points in place, they install a trunk line that runs from the vacuum through the walls. From this trunk line, they branch off a number of flexible tubes to connect to each outlet. The technicians must run voltage wires along the trunk and the tubes back to the vacuum unit, since the portable cleaning attachment requires electrical power to run.

It is also important for the installers to set up an exhaust system for the power unit. It’s optimal for the vacuum to vent directly through a wall, but if this is not possible because of the placement of the power unit, the installers will instead run exhaust tubes to a roof vent.

Once all the parts are in place, the installers perform a vacuum leakage test to make sure there are no spots along the trunk line or branch tubes where there is any air escaping.

Afterwards, you can start enjoying a cleaner house with much less work. Contact us today to find out more about this and other electrical installations we do in the area.

With the professionals at FB Electrical Services on the job, you can expect to have your central vacuum system installation in Needham, MA complete in a few hours.

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