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Time to Check Your Generator for Repair Needs

generator-being-repairedAmong the various appliances and systems you just can’t do without—like an air conditioner in the summertime—generators are at the top of the list. Your whole-house generator is an emergency system, and if it fails to start up or starts malfunctioning when you need it the most, your situation could be worse than just an inconvenience.

The best way to prevent generator problems and to avoid a generator completely breaking down on you is to schedule preventive maintenance for it on an annual basis. This gives our technician the chance to ensure that any problems are dealt with before they grow worse. Make sure to watch out for any signs that your generator is developing problems between maintenance sessions though. The sooner you recognize a problem and call for electrical repair in Dover, MA, the better off (and more reliable) your generator will be.

Inconsistent Power Generation

When there is a blackout in your home or community, your whole-house generator should be powerful enough to keep everything in the home running until the main power comes back on. At least, this will be the case if your generator was professionally sized for your home and installed correctly.

If, however, your generator starts to suddenly experience stuttering or any type of lapse in power generation, you should have a professional electrician check it out sooner rather than later. This issue can be due to a short circuit, or some other sort of problem with the natural gas line. You’ll want to have a technician check out your system to pinpoint the exact problem.

Difficulty Starting Up

If a generator doesn’t start up when it’s supposed to, there are a couple things that can be at play. It’s possible that the system isn’t getting the fuel it needs from the natural gas line. If your generator runs off of gasoline or some other refillable fuel, then you’ll want to ensure it’s properly supplied.

Gasoline, in particular, can go stale and as a result lose its ability to combust. Therefore, if you’ve had the same gasoline in your generator for a while, you may want to switch it out and see if that resolves the problem.

Sudden Shut Down

It probably goes without saying that a generator shouldn’t just shut off at random while powering your home. If it does, there are a number of possible problems. You could be dealing with a dead battery or an overheated system due to lack of maintenance.

It’s also possible that the system needs a component replaced due to wear and tear, such as a belt or the block heater. Whatever the case may be, if you notice any problem with your generator or suspect you have an issue, be sure to contact a pro right away.

More about Whole Home Generators

So, what if you don’t already have a whole-home generator? Are you using a portable system? If you haven’t experienced an extended blackout before in your home, you may not realize how ineffective these small, portable systems can be.

They are great for camping, or small areas that you need power in like your unattached garage—but in a widespread power outage where you need your HVAC systems, refrigerator, and other important home appliances to run, you’d do well to consider a whole-home system.

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