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Your Thermostat and Its Impact On Your Heater

thermostat on a blue sky backgroundThis may come as a surprise to you, but your annual heating and cooling efforts actually can, and probably do, account for half of your entire energy usage, and therefore your energy costs. So, it makes sense that you want to use your HVAC systems as efficiently as possible, to save as much money as possible. But what’s the easiest way to cut your energy use?

You may think it’s by ceasing to use your heating and cooling systems altogether. But this is silly, not to mention impractical. Rather, the way to cut down on your energy use without sacrificing your comfort and the comfort of your household is by using one small electrical component in the way that it is meant to be used. We are talking about a thermostat, professionally installed and services by experienced and qualified Weston, MA electricians.

Setting Your Thermostat to Temperature Extremes Hurts HVAC Efficiency

This may sound familiar—this past summer there might have been a few days where you’d get home from work and your home felt uncomfortably warm. Your living space was a balmy 79°, and you preferred it to be at 75°. So, maybe to get to this desired temperature, you lowered your thermostat to 72°. In your mind, this might have worked!

But the truth is, it didn’t, because it simply can’t. Your home did not cool off any faster than it would have if you set it to 75° when you walked into the door on that hot summer day. Lowering your temperature setting past what you actually need just made your air conditioner run longer to reach that 72° setting, and therefore ran less efficiently and cost you more money in the long run.

This same concept can be applied to your heating system. We get it, especially during this time of the year—coming in on a chillier night and “blasting” your heater to an unrealistic setting is tempting! But, it won’t help your home heat up any faster. In fact, just like the case with your cooling system, setting your thermostat to a high temperature extreme actually hurts the system’s efficiency.

“Should I Just Leave My Thermostat on the Same Setting All the Time, Then?”

Well, no. Actually this can waste you money, too. According to ENERGY STAR, it can waste you as much as $180 a year! The reason for this is because when you’re home in the summer, you might be comfortable at 75°, and in the winter 68-70°. But setting your thermostat to these temperatures when you aren’t home is wasteful.

We don’t recommend leaving your systems off, as they will then have to work too hard when you turn them on to adequately condition your house when you come home. Rather, we urge you to take advantage of a programmable thermostat, if you haven’t already upgraded your manual thermostat. Setting your programmable thermostat to raise or lower to your desired temperature (by a difference of about 5-8°) 15-30 minutes before you arrive home can do a lot to improve your comfort and ease the strain on your wallet.

You may even consider a Wi-Fi thermostat for even better climate control in your home and energy usage control. Wi-Fi thermostats learn your temperature habits and adjust on their own accordingly. Plus, you can control it from your smartphone, even when you are far away from home.

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