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The Importance of Electrical Inspection and Permitting for Home Renovations

Now that spring is well on its way, many enterprising homeowners are looking forward to home improvement projects and renovations to their homes. What they likely are not looking forward to, or may not even realize that they have to consider, though, is scheduling inspections and pulling permits. Not every job is going to require a permit or an electrical inspection, but many do, and they are not always the jobs that you’d expect. Language in permitting regulations may necessitate that you pull a permit for replacing a window, for instance, as this is an egress. The best way to ensure that you are doing everything by the books is to hire a skilled professional to do the job.

Why Is an Electrical Inspection Necessary?

When it comes to an electrical inspection, it is all about your safety. Once your contractor has finished his or her work, or even just the rough work phase of the job, having an electrical inspection is most likely going to be necessary. This guarantees not only that any existing electrical systems and components in the area are in great working order, but also that nothing was compromised during the home renovation process. You need everything in your home to be up to code, and it is in your best interest to ensure that this is the case prior to the completion of the entire project.

Will I Need a Permit?

There are a lot of questions surrounding this particular practice, and nobody wants to go through the process of pulling permits prior to getting a project underway, only to find that the permit was not necessary. That being said, allowing a contractor to work on your property without the necessary permits can have some pretty serious consequences. If a complaint is filed, and an investigation opened, the work will have to stop. Any improvements made may actually need to be removed, and you may face considerable fines. There will likely be a lot of red tape that will seriously delay your project, as well. Contact the appropriate governing bodies in your area to know for certain if a permit is needed.

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