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Should You Have De-Ice Cables Installed On Your Roof this Fall?

It may seem way too early to think about ice on your roof, but summer is coming to a close in less than a month, and the milder temperatures are the perfect time to think about servicing your HVAC system, doing preparedness tasks around the home, and yes, thinking about the possibility of ice and snow on your roof when winter comes around.

At FB Electrical, we’ve recently acquired a boom truck that allows us to effectively and efficiently perform many important electrical services—de-ice cable installation being one. There are many beneficial reasons to have these cables installed on your roof this fall. We’ve shared a few below.

Avoid Breaks in Your Roofing

As you are likely aware, when water gets into a space and then freezes, it expands. Then when it melts, it takes up less space. As a result, it can leave cracks and breaks on your roof. If your roof is kept warm all winter however, then this freeze-thaw cycle may never happen.

Prevent Water Damage

When water sticks around your home for too long—be it at your foundation, on your roof, or in your attic—then mold and mildew are encouraged to grow. Standing water can create additional property damage as well. De-ice cables allows ice to thaw and evaporate more quickly than it would otherwise.

Invest in Professional Protection

There are potentially DIY tasks you can do to try to limit ice and water damage to your roof. However we don’t recommend them as they can be dangerous for the average homeowner. We have the tools and the expertise, in addition to the knowledge of water runoff patterns, to do the job right the first time.

Help Your Gutters

Ice can easily crack or clog your gutters just as it can the shingles of your roof. Keep your gutters working effectively by helping them divert water away from your home as it melts due to the de-icing cables.

Whatever your Boston, MA electrical service needs are, you can count on FB Electrical Services Inc. Contact us today!

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