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Should I Use an Attic Fan in the Winter?

When most people think about the use of an attic fan, they’ll typically think about the ability to vent heat out of an attic during the summer season. This can help to prevent heat that build up in the attic from radiating down into the home. However, many people fail to realize that an attic fan can also be very beneficial in the winter. While the fan operates in the same manner, its purpose of use is quite different in the winter than in the summer time. If you’re thinking about investing in an attic fan in Needham, MA, then there is really no reason to wait for summer to roll around. Read on, and schedule your attic fan services with the pros here at FB Electrical Services Inc.

Why Use an Attic Fan in the Winter?

During the summer, your attic fan vents heat out of your home’s upper region. Obviously, during the winter, you don’t really want to be losing heat. What you may want to be losing, though, is excess moisture and humidity in your attic. You see, heated air moving through a home can pick up moisture on its travels. While winter air is dry, acts such as bathing, doing the dishes, and more, all in a home tightly sealed against the winter elements outdoors, can lead to the introduction of quite a bit of water vapor into the air. Warm air tends to rise, of course, so that warm air, and the moisture that it contains, can make its way up into your attic. Once its up there, the moisture in that air can lead to problems with damaged insulation due to condensation, and even long term issues with wood rot.

Additionally, the heat that rises into the top level of your home can also melt snow that has accumulated on your roof. Once it has melted, that snow melt can freeze in your gutters, causing ice dams. This can pull the gutters away from the house, due to the weight, causing external damage. By exchanging hot, moist air from inside the attic with cooler, drier air from outside, you can avoid such problems via the use of an attic fan. Call for more details.


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