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Remodeling Your Home? Consider This!

remodeling-your-home-consider-thisJust as remodeling your home requires strategic planning, so does wiring a home. So as we progress into summer and you consider what type of home remodeling or renovation project you’d like to take on this year, keep in mind which ones may make great “do-it-yourself” jobs and which ones won’t—such as any electrical work.

When you’re remodeling or renovating your home, it’s important to go over safety precautions, and understand the many electrical considerations that must be factored in both before and during the project. Managing the electrical aspect of the job is something that should only be left to a trained, experienced, and certified electrician. Keep reading to learn about some important electrical factors you should consider as your renovation begins.

The Age of Your Electrical Panel

Old age doesn’t necessarily mean that your electrical panel needs to be upgraded. However, if your home is over even 20 years old, and you’ve added appliances and/or equipment to your home, it’s time to think about whether or not your electrical system can handle the added demand.

If you’ve noticed flickering lights in your home, frequently tripped circuit breakers, or charring within the electrical panel, then you should seriously consider updating this component before your remodel or renovation begins.

Outlet Location, Fixture Location, and Wiring for Communication Equipment

It’s important to know where these components need to be positioned. A plan of action is required for each room in your home that’s being remodeled. It’s also important to understand what upgrades or additions will be needed in your home to accommodate these changes.

Whether You’ll Be Adding an Entertainment Center

If you’re like many homeowners, you may desire the full effect when it comes to adding an entertainment system to your living space—surround sound, mood lighting—you name it. However, we recommend discussing these plans with a professional electrician before your remodel begins, as you might need specialized wiring and electrical design.

How Efficient Your Home Is

The cost of electricity has risen in recent years—something that you’re probably well aware of. However, a remodel or renovation is the perfect time to improve the efficiency of your home, and therefore lower your energy costs. For example, you could have lights on motion-sensor timers, you could use energy-efficiency LED lighting, and you can add efficient electrical control systems to your existing electrical system.

Your “Do-It-Yourself” Limits

As we’ve stressed many times before, electrical work is something that should be left to the professionals—mainly for safety reasons. Another factor to consider is that electrical work may actually cost less if you hire a professional, since there’s less of a risk of mistakes being made that a professional would have to come in and repair, anyway.

Plus, a licensed electrical will be well aware of current building codes and regulations, and will ensure that your remodel is compliant with those regulations. This is advantageous if you ever plan on selling your home, as you may be heavily penalized during the real estate transaction if you made any unapproved changes to your property.

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