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Reasons to Consider a Driveway Heating System Installation

Even though our weather has been unseasonably warm as of lately, that doesn’t mean that fall tasks should be ignored. Fall is the perfect time to review whether your heating system needs replacement, prep your home for the cooler weather eventually to come, and install systems that can help make winter a bit more bearable when it does hit. One of these systems is a driveway heating system.

What Does a Heated Driveway Do?

Basically, a heated driveway keeps your pavement warm enough to melt snow as it falls onto the surface, rather than letting the snow pile up. There are two basic types of snow melting systems used for your heated driveway. The first is an electric system that uses electric cables installed into your driveway. With this method, electrical resistance is used to generate heat and an activation device is used to tell your system when to kick into gear.

Another option we offer is the hydronic snow melting system. This utilizes a closed-loop tubing system which is installed in the concrete or asphalt of the area that the system will treat. A water/antifreeze solution is heated and circulated throughout this tubing, thus melting the snow.

The Benefits of Heated Driveways

Some of the benefits of heated driveways may seem pretty apparent, such as the elimination of the need to shovel snow from your driveway! There are more benefits than just that though. Driveways that are heated prevents ice accumulation during freezing rain, making the act of walking to your car safer. There’s also no need for the use of salt or other snow-removal chemicals, which means your driveway won’t be exposed to the amount of damage these things can do.

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