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Prevent Ice Dams with Quality Roof Heating Cables

When you live somewhere that can experience some pretty harsh weather events, you know how susceptible your roof is to damage. It gets hit with direct sun in the summer, and rain, hail and snow during the cooler seasons. As a result, it’s important that you keep your gutter clear all year round to prevent buildup and unintended damage.

But that alone won’t protect your roof from weather damage, particularly during the winter. Winter presents the possibility of snow buildup and unseen ice dams obstructing your gutters, impeding proper drainage and exposing your roof to potential damages. So, how can you prevent these ice dams from occurring?

Roof Heating Cables

It may be a big early to begin thinking about snow, but there’s a lot to be said for being well-prepared! When winter does hit, snow will quickly collect on top of your house. Typically this isn’t a huge problem as long as your roof is properly sealed. But when temperatures begin to rise a bit, this snow begins to slowly melt, releasing water into gutters and downspouts. In the ideal situation, this process won’t be interrupted. But Mother Nature doesn’t quite work that way—temperatures fluctuate throughout the day and night.

As a result, ice melt can refreeze within your metal gutters, your eaves, roof edges, and in your downspouts. The more this happens, the more obstructed these passageways become, creating icy blockages that cause snow and ice melt to seep back under your roof shingles, causing decay and leaks. The bad news is that this could result in you needing a new roof once winter is over. The good news, however, is that it’s preventable!

A roof heat cable, which looks similar to an extension cord, is wrapped in heavily insulated rubber to make it moisture-proof and grounded. It’s placed around your roof edge and within your gutters, and when activated it radiates heat to help melt the ice before it even has the chance to collect. This means proper water drainage is possible all winter long. This prevents roof damage and even prevents icicles, which although pretty can actually be pretty dangerous.

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