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How to Stay Cool in a Summer Power Outage

white-question-mark-on-a-blue-backgroundWe’ll start this off by saying the best way to stay cool in a summer power outage is to prepare for a summer power outage now. We get it—you never know when a blackout might occur. True, widespread blackouts tend to be more common in the winter time, what with the storms we experience. However, take it from our Peabody, MA electricians… that doesn’t mean homeowners are immune to them in the summer.

And when the power does go out in the summer, all of the sudden you’re stuck without an air conditioner, without refrigeration, and generally without a way to keep cool. At least, this is the case if you don’t prepare.

Let’s Talk Generators

You may be familiar with the small portable generators you might see on a campground or used to power up lighting in a garage. These are great, for those purposes. But when you need your air conditioner to run, your refrigerator to stay cool, and any other important pieces of equipment (such as medical devices) to stay powered up, you want a whole-house solution.

Whole-house generators are one of those appliances that you hope you’ll never need—but when you do you’ll be extremely thankful for them. Remember, only a professional should service these generators, whether it’s the initial installation or getting maintenance and repairs done on your existing generator.

Other Ways to Prepare and Stay Cool During a Summer Blackout

Generators are the ideal first step in preparing and staying cool during a summer power outage, but there are other factors to consider too. Our summers are brutal and heat gain makes your air conditioner work hard, so even without power outages, these tips can help you cool off no matter the circumstances.

  • Utilize Ceiling Fans: True, a ceiling fan alone can’t actually lower the temperature of the room it’s in. It can, however, make you feel cooler. When used in combination with your air conditioner, it helps pull the cooler air down and distributes it more evenly so that you feel more comfortable. True, this tip only really helps if you have that generator in place during a power outage, but read on!
  • Invest in Heat Blocking Curtains: Also known as “blackout” shades, these help block a lot of heat gain into your home. During a power outage, this can be extremely helpful in keeping you cool if you don’t have an operable air conditioner.
  • Use Reflective Treatments on Windows: Look into reflective treatments for your windows to help eliminate some of the heat gain we mentioned previously.
  • Refresh: Remember to drink lots of water on a hot day if you have no access to your air conditioner. Also, be sure you’re wearing light clothing, and maybe even consider taking a cool shower and keeping your hair wet to feel cooler (or hop in your pool if you have one!)

If your power does go out for any reason, and you don’t have a working generator, then you should unplug major appliances to avoid a power surge when the power does come back on, leave your fridge closed to preserve as much food as you can, stay away from power lines in case a downed line is the cause of the outage, and check on elderly neighbors to ensure they’re safe.

Contact FB Integrated Solutions Inc. for more great tips and for reliable generator services.

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