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Watch for Signs You Need a Professional Electrician

watch-for-signs-need-professional-electricianLet’s say every once in a while you have a tripped circuit breaker. Or perhaps you’ve noticed flickering lights throughout your home. If you have an older home with an equally old electrical system, then these occurrences could be the sign of serious electrical troubles—even if on their own they seem relatively minor. It’s important to realize how threatening electrical fires are though, and know that they are preventable.

Hiring a professional electrician for an electrical wiring upgrade in Newton, MA will reduce your risk of electrical fires and shock, but how do you know if your home is in need of this to begin with? You won’t always be able to tell on your own—though there are some general signs you can watch out for, which we’ll get to in a moment. You may have to call in a licensed electrician to inspect your electrical system to determine if you really do have a wiring problem.

Signs of Wiring Problems

Electrical problems put your home at risk. And whether it requires a quick fix or a complete overhaul of your entire electrical system, having a professional on the job is essential. So, what are the signs of electrical problems?

  • You constantly need to reset breakers or replace fuses.
  • You notice frequently flickering or dimming lights. Even if it only happens while you are using another appliance, this symptom indicates that your circuits are overloaded.
  • You notice light switches that are hot to the touch.
  • Your light bulbs burn out far too quickly.
  • You hear buzzing from your light fixtures, walls, or the circuit breaker panel.
  • You smell a burning odor coming from outlets or anywhere in your household.
  • You see any sign of sparks when you plug something in, or you receive an electrical shock when doing so.

Should You Have Your Electrical System Inspected?

So, what if you’re not experiencing any of the above-mentioned symptoms? In many cases, it’s still a good idea to have an electrician check on your home to ensure that your wiring is safe. This is especially true if any of the following scenarios apply to your home.

  • You’ve recently moved into a home that is several decades old, and you’re unsure when the electrical system was last inspected.
  • You utilize a lot of power strips or extension cords.
  • You’ve installed new fixtures that use a lot of voltage.
  • There are two-pronged outlets throughout your home, and especially in rooms that use water, like your bathrooms, kitchen, and laundry room.

Electrical Updates You May Need

In some situations, the answer to an electrical problem is a new circuit breaker. Many homeowners assume that this is all that is needed, but oftentimes an electrical system needs a more complex upgrade than just a circuit breaker box. This is because your home may not be drawing in enough amps to accommodate a larger circuit breaker, which can do harm to your electrical system and put your property at risk.

What you may need is an electrical panel replacement, as well as a meter replacement. Or you may need electrical rewiring, especially if old and unsafe methods were used for your home’s initial wiring. Our professional electricians will be happy to discuss your options with you!

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