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Is It Time to Replace Your Smoke Detectors?

Is your smoke detector hard-wired into your electrical system? Doing so has many benefits, including the fact that you never have to worry about the battery going dead—though battery backup is a wise choice as well. However, just like any other appliance or home security system, your hard-wired smoke detectors do experience wear and tear over the years, and eventually will need to be replaced. How do you know when it’s time though?

Is Your System 10+ Years Old?

Hard-wired smoke detector systems are designed to last about a decade. The reason they wear out isn’t necessarily from use, but rather because over time, dust gathers inside the smoke detectors and eventually desensitizes them. It’s a wise choice to replace all the smoke detectors connected to your system at once, to ensure that they are all fully functional. The safety of your home and your family may depend on it. Be sure to hire a professional electrician to do this job, so that you ensure it is done correctly.

Additional Fire Safety Tips

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) shares the following safety tips to ensure your family is protected as well as they can be from the risks of a fire:

  • Ensure your fire alarms are located inside and outside each bedroom and any other sleeping areas.
  • Interconnected alarms are best, so that when one goes off so do the rest of them.
  • Test your alarms once a month to ensure they are in good working order.
  • Install your smoke alarms on the ceiling or high on the wall. Alarms should be located no more than a foot below the ceiling.
  • Don’t install alarms near windows, doors, or ducts where drafts may render them inoperable.

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