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How Does Indoor Lighting Impact Interior Design?

It’s no secret that the lighting in a room can change the whole atmosphere of that space. From highlighting certain areas of the room to making rooms appear larger than they are, placement and type of lighting are integral to the interior design of your home.

When choosing indoor lighting, you’ll want to consider the color of your rooms, the room sizes, availability of natural light, and your furniture selection. These are all factors that our team can advise you one when you give us a call.

Color Considerations

In general, darker color choices tend to make a room feel smaller and cramped, while light colors do the opposite. The illusion of space, for the most part, is defined by light reflecting off the surfaces of walls. So options such as track lighting or recessed lighting can do a lot to make a small room look bigger.


Perhaps it goes without saying that lighting needs to serve a purpose. Decorative lighting with no purpose won’t do much else than waste electricity. Think about this when choosing your lamps and lighting fixtures, as you may be attracted to a certain type, but perhaps it isn’t the best fit for the room you’ve intended it for.


Corner lamps, wall sconce lighting, and centrally hanging lights on a ceiling are all great for helping to brighten a room if natural lighting is not available. This helps create a visually larger space whether it’s a bedroom, office, kitchen, etc.

Another thing to consider is skylights or large windows if you want more natural light, or using sheer drapes and curtains rather than shutters to allow the maximum amount of light from your current windows. Of course, if these options aren’t available to you we can help you make the most of your lighting to create a similar effect.

When you are looking for superior indoor lighting installation in Newtonville, MA, be sure to contact FB Electrical Services Inc.

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