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This Holiday Season, Ensure the Safety of Your Home

row of homes in Boston areaIt may seem odd that we’re already talking about the holidays, but Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and soon enough families will be traveling out of town or to parties nearby, leaving their homes unattended. If your family is one of these, it’s important to know that the holiday season is also the season for home burglaries, as much as we’d rather not think about it!

As such, you want to do everything you can to reduce the likelihood that you’ll be victim to such a crime. The first step is to have a Boston, MA home security system professionally installed. Keep reading to learn more, and to get some more great tips on preventing home theft!

A Security System Ready to Respond

Of course, we get that you’d like to prevent burglars from even attempting to enter your home. But in the unfortunate event that it does happen, it helps tremendously to have a quality home security system installed.

Outdated security systems are connected through phone lines, which are vulnerable to various problems and can be unreliable as a result. What you really need is a modern security system that is hard-wired into your home by a professional electrician.

Check in On Your House

Smart technology enables you to get updates and alerts about anything that is occurring in your home while you’re away. You can make sure that your doors and windows are all shut, and you can also check to see if there’s been any activity in or around your home.

Take Preventive Measures

A burglar is a lot less likely to target a home that looks occupied! Take steps now to achieve this, such as closing your blinds, keeping a few lights on—ideally, on timers if possible—and arranging for a trusted neighbor to collect your mail and newspaper while you’re away rather than letting it pile up. A couple other preventive measures you can take are:

Taking Care on Social Media

Too many people today lay out all their plans through social media statuses—when they’ll be away on vacation, when they’re out shopping, what gifts they’re going to be buying, and more. This opens the door—figuratively speaking—for burglars to case your home and figure out, easily, when you won’t be home and what they can score by entering your home.

Not Making Gifts Visible from the Outside

It’s a common sight as the holidays approach—a beautifully decorated tree in a living room window, with gifts gathered below. While it’s pretty, it’s also an invitation for unscrupulous individuals to make their move.

Disposing of Boxes Carefully

The post-holiday season is just as prime a time for burglary as during it. Reason being, if you or anyone in your family got large gifts that came in clearly labeled boxes, chances are you don’t think much of disposing of them in your trash can out on the curb. It’s a good idea to break down the boxes and remove the labels as much as possible, so that you aren’t announcing what goodies are in your home.

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