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Should You Consider a Heated Driveway Installation?

heated-driveway-installation-considerIt may seem like a very odd time of the year to be talking about anything heating-related, considering how temperatures have been pretty steadily hovering in the 80’s in recent weeks. However, when winter does hit in our parts, it hits hard—and the key to ensuring you’re ready for whatever winter may bring is preparing with, and investing in, the right systems and services now.

One of these systems is the heated driveway, an increasingly popular Newton, MA snow melting system option, and one that requires the type of landscape changes that make it best to have installed as early in the year as possible. Heated driveway systems allow you to enjoy the convenience of having a concrete or asphalt driveway without the inconvenience of pavement that is covered with layers of snow or ice. Sure, you can shovel your driveway every day—but exactly how practical is this? Keep reading to learn more about heated driveways and their benefits.

Two Types of Heated Driveways

There are two types of heated driveways—the electric coil heated driveway and the hydronic system. Electric coil models involve the installation of electrically heated metal rods beneath your pavement, which can be controlled as to temperature, timing, and duration of heating.

Hydronic heated driveways, on the other hand, are comprised of PVC piping that zigzags beneath your pavement. A heated anti-freeze fluid is circulated through the piping, which warms the concrete or asphalt and frees it of snow or ice. When considering the costs of such a system, keep in mind that although hydronic systems are more costly to install, they are less expensive to operate from month-to-month.

Prevent Safety Hazards

Let’s face it, slippery pavement and driveways are a safety hazard. Eliminating this risk can prevent accidents and even help you avoid any possible lawsuits that could come up if a visitor were to be injured on your property. This type of snow melting system can be uses to keep your whole driveway free of snow, or it can target a portion of your driveway or walkway, depending on what your needs are.

Eliminate Snow Shoveling

As we mentioned above, it can be impractical or at least inconvenient to get up and shovel your driveway every time it snows. Additionally though, eliminating the need for snow shoveling means reducing the risk of slip-and-fall accidents, frost bite, and hypothermia.

No Need for Other Deicing Methods

With a driveway heating system, you’ll never again need to distribute any rock salt or other type of deicer. Since salt has damaging effects on pavement, vegetation, and even your shoes, it’s good to minimize its use as much as possible. Additionally, you’ll never have to worry about these substances getting into the hands of kids or the mouths of pets—giving you a peace of mind.

No Maintenance

So long as your heated driveway system is professionally installed by experienced technicians, and the heating elements are evenly spaced as they should be and the appropriate concrete was poured, there should be little (if any) maintenance needs for your heated driveway.

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