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Hazards of Old Wiring in Homes

We don’t set out to alarm people enough to make them dial our number. That being said, it is our responsibility as professional electricians to inform our community about certain issues. One of the greatest risks that you run in your home is using very old electrical wiring. We’ve put together a few examples of the hazards that such wiring can pose to properties, and to the residents living within those properties. If you have any concerns at all about your electrical wiring in Brookline, MA, contact us right away. One of the fine electricians on the FB Electrical Services Inc. team will be happy to answer your questions and to evaluate your system for you. 

Insufficient Circuitry

We live in an area where there are many very old homes. Within these homes, as you’d expect, is very old wiring. Even if you have not had trouble with your wiring just yet, and even if your wiring appears to be in fine condition, you should keep in mind just how much the demand for electricity in our homes has gone up over the years. The original owners of your old home were not running whole-house cooling systems and charging multiple phones and tablets while also powering a dishwasher, after all. Overloading the circuits in your home can be quite dangerous, both to your family, your property, and your appliances/electronics.

Degrading Materials

Even if the circuits in your home are designed to keep up with your electrical demand, the fact remains that the materials composing your electrical and wiring systems will degrade over time. When they do, it really doesn’t matter if your wiring is capable of handling your existing electrical load or not. The degradation of wiring insulation and other materials will render any system unsafe.

Fire Risks

While outdated circuitry and degraded materials can lead to a lot of blown fuses/tripped circuits and other issues, the real concern with very old wiring is, of course, the risk of a fire in your home. When it comes to old wiring, you really cannot afford to adopt an “out of sigh, out of mind” attitude. If you are uncertain of how old your electrical system is, but know that your house is quite old, you should give us call to have the system evaluated. We are happy to help.

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