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Have You Upgraded Your Electrical Panel Yet?

Here in Massachusetts, our electricians are used to handling all type of electrical systems and services. We also have our share of older homes, and with older homes come aging electrical systems. An expert upgrade provided by a trustworthy electrical contractor can offer your home various benefits.

If you’ve experienced issues with your electrical system recently, or even if your electrical system is functioning fine but depends on older technology, it could be time to seriously consider an electrical panel upgrade/ replacement. But what are the benefits of such an upgrade? We’ve shared a few advantages below.


You may not know it, but upgrading your electrical system might actually be legally necessary. This is because many older models no longer adhere to modern statutes and codes. Typically, if your panel still uses fuses and other outdated equipment, it probably isn’t up to code and will require a replacement.


Even more important than upgrading to legal building codes is protecting the safety of your home and your family. Old or worn electrical panels can cause an overload. This can short out your electricity and potentially even cause a fire. A newer electrical panel can provide increased safety for your home.


Today’s homes have an increasing amount of appliances and electronic devices in them. From plasma screen TVs to high-end computers and similar devices, our electrical systems play a larger role in our lives than ever before. As such, an improper electrical panel, you won’t be able to support the kinds of appliances you need to stay connected.

What you need is an up-to-date electrical panel that meets all of your electrical needs while keeping your home up to code and your family safe. Remember, electrical work can be dangerous, so don’t leave such an important project in the hands of amateurs. Also, do not be tempted to take this on as a “DIY” project, as this can do more harm than good.

For a professional electrical panel upgrade in your Wellesley, MA home, contact FB Electrical Services Inc. today to take advantage of our current promotion!

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