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Does Your Home Need Rewiring?

Having your home’s entire electrical system rewiring is a large task, albeit sometimes a necessary one in order to improve your daily electrical use and increase home safety. A job of this caliber requires a team of professional electricians and should never be attempted by an enthusiastic “do-it-yourselfer” without training or experience. That’s what we’re here for.

If you are concerned that your home does in fact need rewiring, call for one of our professional electricians right away. We take pride the skills and training we have to ensure that a whole-house rewiring job is done correctly. Keep reading to learn more about this service and why you may need it.

Whole-Home Rewiring

The amount of electricity that you use in your home on a daily basis may surprise you—but with the addition of appliances and devices such as computers and smart phones, our electrical use has increased significantly since the 1980s. Think about how many devices you need to have hooked up every day just for recharging, and you’ll understand a bit more how big our electrical demands are today.

All this increased demand for power can easily overwhelm older, outdated wiring systems—even as young as two or three decades. If you think that whole-home rewiring is only necessary in homes that are 50 years old or older, you may be surprised to find out that your newer home needs it.

No matter the age of your home, there are a few signs in particular for you to be aware of which indicate you may need whole home rewiring:

  • You have aluminum wiring, which can overheat and cause fires. This is mostly seen in homes built between 1965-1973.
  • You have constantly tripped circuit breakers. This is a sign that your home’s electrical system can no longer handle the increasing demands set on it.
  • You’ve noticed charred and/or discolored outlets. This is typically the sign of electrical fires and a clear indication that your wiring probably needs an upgrade.
  • You smell something burning whenever you turn on the lights in your home, but can’t find the source. This is a sign that something is potentially wrong with your home’s wiring, necessitating a call to our team.

To schedule a whole-house rewiring job for your Newtonville, MA home, contact FB Electrical Services Inc. today!

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