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Signs That Your Commercial Space Needs Rewiring

commercial-rewiring-signsPerhaps you’ve just purchased a commercial building, or you’ve occupied the same commercial space for many years without much thought given to your electrical system. Regardless of which of these scenarios is true, it’s essential that you look out for signs that you might be in need of Needham commercial electric services.

Faulty electrical wiring can threaten the safety of your employees, tenants, and/or customers. Not to mention, it can create issues with your outlets, lighting, and other commercial electrical fixtures. Our expertly trained commercial electricians can safely and effectively handle any commercial wiring or rewiring request that comes our way. But how do you know when you should reach out to a commercial electrician?

Have You Noticed Scorch Marks On Outlets?

The electrical outlets throughout your commercial space should be able to safely manage the electrical current required to power the various appliances and other electrical fixtures used by occupants. If you see scorch marks on one or more of these outlets, then you should definitely take this as a sign that you need rewiring.

When one of our professional commercial electricians conducts this service, we’ll make sure that your electrical wiring and system in general has the capability to handle the large amounts of electrical current, without sparking or overheating.

Are Circuit Breakers Frequently Tripping?

The circuit breakers throughout your building are designed to trip when the electrical system gets overloaded with electrical current. An occasional trip isn’t anything that should cause you to worry. However, frequently tripping circuit breakers might signal an underlying issue with your building’s electrical wiring.

Dimming or Flickering Overhead Lights

Proper lighting is important for maintain and productive and safe environment for employees, tenants, and guests. Overhead lights that seem to dim at random, or flicker, can certainly be connected to old and failing electrical wiring. If you start to notice this problem, it’s time to get in touch with one of our commercial electricians.

Contact FB Electrical Services Inc. today for superior electrical wiring and related services for your business or commercial space.

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