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Get the Most Out of Your Ceiling Fans this Summer!

ceiling-fans-get-the-most-this-summerWhen it comes to serving the electrical needs of homeowners throughout the Boston area, we know our stuff. We’re always happy to assist you with any questions you may have, and provide money-saving advice that will also help you stay safe and feel more comfortable. For instance, we’d like to share with you how our ceiling fan services in Brighton, MA can help keep you cool and save you in energy costs.

The great thing about ceiling fans is not only can they help keep you comfortable in the summertime, but when winter rolls around they can help distribute heat, too. Keep reading to learn more about the functions of ceiling fans.

Facts About Fans

As you’re likely well aware of, there is a fan within your home’s cooling system—however, this fan alone can’t keep you cool. There are a number of components that work together within your air conditioner to achieve this:

  • The refrigerant present that’s tasked with transferring heat from the inside air to outdoors.
  • A coil indoors to help with absorbing heat and cooling it down.
  • A compressor that pressurizes the refrigerant.

Without these components and functions, the fan would simply recycle the warm, stale air already present in your home. Fans simply move around air—but when combined with your air conditioning system, they help keep you cool.

Supplement Your AC and Lower Your Cooling Bills

Alright, so a fan alone can’t cool a home, then what good is a ceiling fan? Well, it can help you save money on your air conditioning costs by doing a better job of evenly distributing all the air your cooling system produces. A stagnant vent on a wall on its own may not move air through the home as effectively as you’d need it to, so a ceiling fan can be pretty helpful!

Upstairs bedrooms and living areas can be particularly hard to keep cool, since heat rises. But ceiling fans help push the cool air back down, cooling the rooms faster and allowing your air conditioner to shut off sooner—thus, reducing your monthly bills.

Additionally, while ceiling fans can’t cool a home, it can help the home’s occupants feel cooler. This is because it helps sweat to evaporate from our bodies with ease, which is how we naturally cool off. That’s why you feel cooled off when standing in front of a fan, not because it’s actually cooling the air.

Using your ceiling fans on a day with moderate temperatures can also help reduce your dependence on your cooling system, allowing you to shut it off for all or part of the day.

Ceiling Fans Have Year-Round Benefits

You can make the most of your ceiling fans this summer by using them to supplement the cooling power you get from your AC, but that’s not all they’re good for! When winter rolls back around, your ceiling fans have a switch on them that changes the direction of the fan to help move heat where it needs to be—in this case, to more evenly distribute the warmth coming from your heating system.

Remember, whether you’re having a ceiling fan installed or some other type of electrical appliance, it’s important that you trust only in the professionals—a licensed and experienced electrician is going to do a much more accurate and safe job than an amateur or general handyman would.

Whatever your electrical service needs may be, you can count on FB Electrical Services Inc. Contact us today!

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