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Call Professionals to Wire Ice-Melting Cables on the Roof!

Persistent ice dams are a common problem in our area, and the only way to keep them under control is by taking preventive action today! The chunks of ice that form along the edges of your roof may not seem like much of a problem from the outside. But the constant thawing and freezing of the ice throughout the day can lead to some seriously dangerous structural damages within your home.

The trouble with ice dams

On a warm afternoon, ice can thaw, only to freeze later and thaw again. This action may allow shingles or gutters to loosen and fall off in some instances. And over time, the water can work its way underneath the shingles, damaging your roof and potentially leaking through to your ceiling. Your insurance may cover this damage, but it’s never worth the trouble of having to take time out of your schedule to deal with the hassle.

Why should you have ice-melting cables?

Some homeowners almost never have to deal with ice damming and the potential water damage it brings. Proper insulation and ventilation in the attic help to keep your attic cool, so that a blanket of snow can help to prevent the freezing and thawing cycle from damaging your roof.

However, if you’re one of many homeowners who has insulation and still finds issues with ice damming each winter, ice-melting cables are your best bet. These cables mount on the roof in a zigzag pattern, melting the ice and snow so that water can run off instead of damaging your home.

Have professionals wire your ice-melting cables

However, an ice melting cable is not useful to you unless it is installed correctly. If not, parts of your roof may become more susceptible to ice damming, or the melted snow may not have anywhere to route. Have an electrician wire your ice-melting cables safely and correctly, so that you can feel confident they won’t fail when you need them, and so that they run as efficiently as possible.

Happy holidays from everyone here at FB Electrical Services, Inc.! We go above and beyond for our customers in Boston, MA and the surrounding areas. Call us today!

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