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4 Signs You Need Electrical Repairs

plug in outlet on wallOne of the costliest, and potentially most dangerous, disruptions you can face in your home is an electrical problem. Your electrical system is used on a daily basis—in fact it’s a system that’s in use 24/7, given the amount of appliances and equipment we plug into our outlets.

It’s something that many of us take for granted, and yet if there’s a problem with your electrical system it can cause widespread problems throughout the rest of the home. It can even lead to serious injury through things like house fires, or electric shock.

To protect yourself and your home, be sure to call for Boston, MA electrical services the moment you notice any signs of an electrical system in disrepair. But, what are these signs?

1. Hot Spots

Have you ever placed your hand on a wall in your home and felt a spot that was considerably warmer than the rest of the wall? Or maybe you noticed this with a light switch or outlet. If so, your immediate next step should be to call in a professional electrician to inspect the situation.

Hot spots can indicate that your electrical current is being shunted out of the wiring, and sent into places it shouldn’t be such as your drywall. This is a fire risk, or even an electrocution risk if someone were to turn a switch on or off.

All that being said, if you have dimmer switches, it’s natural for the switchplate to get warm, and therefore you should not be concerned in this specific situation. They are designed to control the flow of electricity and will actually be warmer than their simple “on/off” counterparts.

2. Flickering Lights

We aren’t talking about just a single lightbulb—if that’s happening it’s probably just that bulb that needs to be changes. We’re referring to if a large number of lights are flickering throughout your home. If this is happening, you should first try to reset the circuit breaker.

If the circuit breaker didn’t appear to be the problem, then it’s time to consult with a pro about what the issue is. The problem may be due to a short circuit, which can prevent the current form flowing smoothly through that part of the home’s system.

3. Acrid Smells

If you’ve ever noticed a burning smell in your home with no apparent cause, we hope you didn’t ignore it. If you do smell something burning but can’t locate the source, there’s a very good chance you’re dealing with smoldering wires. The best thing you can do is to have an electrician run a check of your system to ensure that wires aren’t touching something they shouldn’t be or that a fire hasn’t started.

4. Constantly Tripping Circuit Breaker

The circuit breaker is designed to keep your electrical system operating as safely as possible, by shutting off any circuit that becomes overloaded or otherwise behaves as it shouldn’t. Normally, all it takes to restore your electricity or electrical appliance to normal is to resent the circuit. If the circuit breaker keeps tripping, however, you might have a bigger and more dangerous problem on your hands.

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