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Do I Need Multiple Nest Thermostats to Use in Each Temperature Zone?

With a Nest thermostat, you can enjoy a lot of benefits made possible by the utilization of smart thermostat technology. Some of the more common questions that we hear regarding the use of Nest thermostats is whether or not they are compatible with zoned heating and cooling systems, and whether one Nest thermostat can replace the multiple thermostats that zone controlled systems typically use. We’ve got the answers for you in the following post, so read on and remember to schedule your thermostat services in Dover, MA with a member of our staff. We’ll make sure that you’re able to regulate temperatures effectively and reliably.

The short answer to the questions posed above is: yes. Nest thermostats can certainly be used in conjunction with zoned HVAC systems. However, you are indeed going to require multiple Nest thermostats throughout the house. While you can choose to use one Nest thermostat in a main area of your home, and to continue using more basic thermostats in other zones, this is not really advisable if you are looking to truly benefit from the use of smart technology in your home. By using multiple Nest thermostats, those devices can communicate with and benefit one another in ways that pairing a single Nest thermostat with other devices simply won’t allow for.

A key feature of the Nest thermostat is its Auto-Away coordination, which helps homeowners to save energy when the house is empty. When you use multiple Nest thermostats in your home, you won’t have to worry about certain zones going into an Auto-Away mode just because those particular zones are empty, while others are still occupied. The Nest thermostats can communicate with one another, so that Auto-Away settings won’t go into effect until the whole house is empty. When you come home at night, the Nest thermostat in your living room will let your Nest thermostat in the bedroom know, so you won’t have to go upstairs to adjust it before bed.

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