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Common Causes for Concern with Residential Cooling Systems

Now that the winter is a fading memory – and good riddance to it, after this season – it is time to concern yourself with getting your air conditioner ready for the summer months. Assuming that you have a quality system, that it was professionally installed, and that you have kept up with its routine maintenance requirements, you should be in good shape for moving into the hottest months of the year. However, you must always keep in mind the fact that there is not an air conditioner in existence which is 100% reliable.

All air conditioners are subject to occasional operational problems, and having them resolved promptly is the best way to protect your system and your comfort. That is why you should schedule professional air conditioning repair for any problems that you encounter. If you notice any early warning signs of problems with your air conditioner, call FB Electrical Services to schedule immediate air conditioning repairs in Boston, MA.

  • System Is Blowing Warm Air – If you test out your air conditioning system before the hottest weather of the year is here, as you ought to, only to find that it is blowing warm air, you clearly have a problem on your hands. Rule out user error before dialing our number, though. It is possible that only the fan is on, that you have not switched your heat pump over to its cooling mode yet, or that you have simply set the temperature wrong at the thermostat. This issue could also be indicative of refrigerant leaks or damaged components, though, so you should contact us as soon as you verify that your system is set properly.
  • Cooling Costs Are Higher Than Ever – The price of cooling one’s home is contingent on a number of different factors. If you have been using your air conditioner for some time, though, you should have a ballpark estimate of how much it will cost to cool your household. If the utility bills make an alarming jump once you begin running your AC, then there may be a problem tearing down its efficiency. By having any such problems resolved, you can go back to cooling your home in an affordable manner.
  • Strange Noises Are Coming from the System – Remember when we said that no problem is too small to warrant a call to our team? This is precisely the sort of scenario we had in mind. You may not think much of an alarming sound coming from your air conditioner, provided that it is still blowing cool air. However, seemingly “minor” problems are often indicative of more serious issues just down the pipeline. Let our technicians inspect matters so that you can cool your home with the confidence and reliability that you deserve.

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