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Beware These Common AC Electrical Problems

Air conditioning systems are complex electro-magnetic appliances that can very easily have an electrical issue develop at one time or another. If there is any time that safety trumps convenience, it’s when you have an electrical problem. So, be sure to contact the professionals on our team if you suspect you have an AC electrical problem, as our staff is highly trained and licensed to do this type of work. First though, you should understand what some of the most common AC electrical problems are.

Faulty Capacitor

Your AC system houses 3 different motors: 2 fan motors—the condenser and indoor blower—and the compressor motor. Since your AC system functions on an alternating current, these motors require 2 capacitors—a start capacitor and a run capacitor—that helps your AC start up and maintain its electrical flow. When you run into an issue with either capacitor on any of the motors, then you’ll probably observe stuttering at start-up, intermittent operational problems, or even a total breakdown of the motor itself.

Wiring Problems

There are many wires running throughout your AC system. With natural wear and tear over the years, these wires can begin to fray, corrode or disconnect. This can cause issues with electrical flow and overall operation. Locating faulty wiring can be tricky and should only be left to trained professionals.

Breaker Issues

Your AC draws enough power that it requires its own breaker in your home’s electrical panel. Because of the intense demands on this system, problems can develop. Common issues are related to a breaker that is faulty, undersized, or loose. While loose breakers may be tightened, an undersized or faulty breaker has to be replaced by an electrician who has the knowledge of how to do so safely and accurately.

To troubleshoot your electrical issues or schedule AC repair services in Weston, MA, contact FB Electrical Services Inc. today.

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