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Air Conditioning Issues to Watch for This Summer

With summer officially here, there’s no ignoring that temperatures are only going to climb. In order to stay as cool as possible during this time of year, then you have to have a great working air conditioning system installed in your home.

However, purchasing a highly efficient air conditioner and having it expertly installed is only just the beginning. Every air conditioner is a mechanical system, which is going to be prone to occasional operational issues. Keep reading to learn what air conditioning issues you want to watch out for this summer.

Hot Spots

Have you ever been walking through your home to notice uneven cooling throughout? If you have, then it’s very likely that you need professional air conditioning repair services. As long as your air conditioner is correctly sized for your home and it’s only ever been handled by professionals, then it should be capable of cooling your home evenly. If not, your AC issue could be relative to damaged ductwork or even mechanical problems in the interior of the system.


Short-cycling is a process in which you air conditioner starts up and shuts down too frequently. There are a couple reasons this can occur. The most common reason is typically that the system is too big for the home, so it’s bringing temperature down too rapidly.

Unfortunately, if your AC has always had this problem then the only solution is to replace it with an appropriately sized air conditioner. However if short-cycling is a new problem, then you could have a problem with your capacitor or some other type of electrical problem.

Too Loud

No air conditioner is going to be completely quiet during operation. However, your AC system should never make alarming, very loud noises when running. If you notice clanging, screeching, or grinding noises then you may have a problem with your motor, fan belt, bearings, or even the compressor. No matter what you think the cause may be, it’s best to give our professionals a call so that we can accurately diagnose and resolve the issue.

For air conditioning repairs in Newtonville, MA, contact FB Electrical Services today.

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