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3 Reasons to Have Your Ducts Tested

When in prime working condition, air ducts are a great option for distributing heated and cooled air throughout one’s home. However, serious problems can arise when those air ducts are compromised in any way. If you find that you encounter any of the issues detailed below when heating and/or cooling your home, let a member of our staff know immediately. We are more than happy to meticulously complete your duct testing services in Boston, MA. Armed with the information gathered, our IAQ technicians can go about determining precisely what the best course of action for your situation may be. Give FB Electrical Services a call today to schedule your duct testing services with a consummate professional.

Trouble Heating or Cooling Your Home Evenly

Are you perfectly comfortable in your living room, only to enter your bedroom and feel anything but? It could be due to air leaks in the ductwork servicing that area of the house. If air is leaking out of your air ducts, you really don’t know precisely where it is going to end up; it will not be, though, where it ought to be.

Inexplicably High Heating and Cooling Costs

Have you noticed that your heating and cooling costs have spiked, despite the fact that you have not been using your HVAC system in an abnormal manner? It too could indicate that you have leaky ductwork. While the conditioned air distributed by the system will wind up somewhere, it is not guaranteed to wind up where it should be. This can lead your HVAC system to work overtime as it tries to sufficiently heat or cool areas affected by air leaks.

Odd Hissing Sounds When Running Your System

Don’t ignore strange hissing sounds coming from your HVAC system when it is running. Yes, your heater and/or air conditioner is going to make some noise as it operates. However, this hissing sound can actually be the sound of air actively escaping your ductwork. The only way to be sure if your air ducts are compromised is to schedule professional duct testing services.


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