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Why Pool and Hot Tub Wiring is Not a DIY Job

Monday, March 23rd, 2015

Before the construction and installation of your new pool or hot tub begins, you may want to think about who you’ve got on your team working on your equipment. If you or your contractor have not yet hired a certified electrician for the job, it’s time to make the call. Working with a licensed electrician the whole way through ensures that everything runs properly and, more importantly, that your friends and family are safe. If you want to make sure your new pool or spa installation goes smoothly, it’s of utmost importance that you hire someone with the proper licensing for pool and hot tub wiring, no matter how much of an electrical background you may have.

Tasks that should ALWAYS be left to a professional

Even if you are an avid do-it-yourselfer or if you consider yourself to be electrically adept, pool and hot tub wiring should be completed by someone with the proper licensing. Here are a few steps that only a trained electrician is able to properly complete.

  • Setting up Equipment According to Code – When wiring a pool or hot tub, it’s absolutely vital that each component is installed in a manner and a location that is up to code. Electrical equipment such as pumps and motors must be located a safe distance away from the swimming pool or hot tub itself, usually somewhere between 10 and 20 feet. If you want to pass any potential inspections, make sure your electrician is fully licensed.
  • Installing a Sub Panel and Bonding – A subpanel must be installed near your existing service panel (breaker box) to provide power to the pool or tub equipment, though in some case, there may not be enough amps to hold your pool equipment, and major electrical work could become necessary. For safety purposes, a technician uses bonding wire to protect the electrical equipment should any failures occur.
  • Testing the Equipment – Finally, an electrician has all of the tools necessary to test the equipment and make sure everything is working properly. The cost of these devices alone is enough reason to leave this to someone who is already set up for installation.

Count on the experts at FB Electrical Services to set up the electrical equipment for your new pool or hot tub wiring to avoid electric shock or system failure. Call your electrical experts in Cambridge, MA today.

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Why Should Homeowners Schedule Duct Testing?

Friday, March 20th, 2015

Using air ducts in order to distribute both heated and cooled air throughout a building is one of the most common ways in which homeowners choose to keep their homes comfortable all year long. Doing so, of course, means that your air ducts are in play throughout the entire year. Are you certain that yours are in the condition necessary to perform their job precisely as intended? If not, give FB Electrical Services a call today. We are more than happy to thoroughly test your air ducts so that you know what kind of shape they are in. Once we have completed your duct testing in Somerville, we can go about resolving any problems that we may find with your air ducts. That way, you can heat and cool your home at peak performance and efficiency levels.

When you stop and think about it, you have likely seen very little of your air duct system. For the most part, your ductwork is hidden from view. The last thing that you want to do, though, in terms of your ductwork, is to develop an “out of sight, out of mind” attitude in regards to their condition. Leaky ductwork is one of the main sources of energy loss and low efficiency in many homes, and it is also one that professional duct testing can help to pinpoint the source of. When we test your air ducts, we can determine with certainty if it is compromised, and we’ll have the information we need in order to right whatever wrongs we may find.

Additionally, you should keep in mind the fact that problems with your indoor air quality may also stem from issues with your ductwork. It is not merely a matter of wasted energy. Should airborne pollutants be allowed to make their way into your air ducts, those very same ducts that you depend upon so much can actually distribute those pollutants throughout your home. Make the smart choice, and allow us to complete your duct testing services. You can live more comfortably, heat and cool your home more efficiently, and breathe air of a better quality when you air ducts are in great shape.

Professional duct testing in Somerville is the first step towards realizing these goals, so call FB Electrical Services today.

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What Does a Central Vacuum System Installation Entail?

Friday, March 13th, 2015

How often have you found yourself considering getting some vacuuming done in your home, only to put it off because it’s simply too much physical work and takes too much time? Vacuuming a home, especially a multi-story home, can be an unpleasant and cumbersome chore. If procrastinating about cleaning your home is something you do often, you should consider installing a central vacuum system to make the job much easier. With a central vacuum, you only need to carry a lightweight hose attachment around the house. You then plug it into a local outlet that connects to a central pressurized suction system. You can vacuum the area around the outlet, and all the debris is moved to a single collection point that you can empty at your own convenience.

Putting in a central vacuum in a home is a complex process that requires numerous special tools and knowledge of ventilation systems, so you must have professionals handle the work. To arrange for central vacuum system installation in Needham, MA, contact FB Electrical Services. Our experienced team will have your new vacuum system set up quickly and see that it has no air leaks or other performance issues.

To install a central vacuum system, the technicians first determine the number of outlets necessary and then place both the outlets and the power unit: i.e. the vacuum itself, which is housed out of the way in the garage or basement. Once the installers have these two different sets of terminal points in place, they install a trunk line that runs from the vacuum through the walls. From this trunk line, they branch off a number of flexible tubes to connect to each outlet. The technicians must run voltage wires along the trunk and the tubes back to the vacuum unit, since the portable cleaning attachment requires electrical power to run.

It is also important for the installers to set up an exhaust system for the power unit. It’s optimal for the vacuum to vent directly through a wall, but if this is not possible because of the placement of the power unit, the installers will instead run exhaust tubes to a roof vent.

Once all the parts are in place, the installers perform a vacuum leakage test to make sure there are no spots along the trunk line or branch tubes where there is any air escaping.

Afterwards, you can start enjoying a cleaner house with much less work. Contact us today to find out more about this and other electrical installations we do in the area.

With the professionals at FB Electrical Services on the job, you can expect to have your central vacuum system installation in Needham, MA complete in a few hours.

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Let Us Help You Prevent Ice Dams in Your Gutters

Friday, March 6th, 2015

To call this winter brutal in terms of snowfall would be a bit of an understatement. For those of us who have been in the Boston area for some time, we can only liken it to the blizzard we were pummeled by way back in ’78. While you may be enjoying a respite from the snowfall as we move slowly towards the spring season, it is important that you keep in mind the fact that all of this snow, including that on your roof, is going to melt.

When snow melts off of your roof, it can fill your gutters with water which then refreezes when the temperature drops back down. This can result in ice dams, which can lead to serious problems with your home, including roof leaks and damaged gutters. FB Electrical Services can help you to avoid issues with ice dams in Boston and the surrounding areas.

With the help of electrical resistance heating, you can melt the ice that would otherwise build up in your gutters, making it impossible for water to drain appropriately. Electrical coils can be installed beneath the roof and dip into your gutters in intervals, allowing for the heat from the coils to thoroughly melt any ice that builds up therein. When you melt this ice in the gutters, as well as that built up in a layer upon your roof, you can divert the water away from your home just as intended via your drainage system. This certainly beats having that water dripping into your home, damaging your roof and ceilings.

Like any other sort of electrical installation service, it is vital that your electrical coils are professionally installed in order to ensure that they melt ice effectively, protecting your roof and your gutters, and that they function safely. This is certain to be the case when you hire our electricians to do the job.

For more information about how you can resolve problems with ice dams in Boston, just give FB Electrical Services a call. We are more than happy to provide you with the answers you seek.

Invest in the protection of your home by allowing us to install the electrical coils necessary to prevent ice damming on your property.

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Choosing Your Lighting Control Systems

Thursday, March 5th, 2015

The lighting systems that we depend upon each and every day in our residential and commercial properties are of the utmost importance. There are nice spring days and moderate points during the summer season when we can give our HVAC systems a break. Our lights, though, are put into use every single day of the year, as well as at different times after sunset and even before sunrise. We cannot overstate how important it is that you are able to use your lights in a fashion that suits your habits and personal preferences, as well as to do so efficiently. That is why you may want to consider utilizing a lighting control system in Cambridge, MA. Doing so can benefit you in a few different ways.

First of all, a lighting control system is a great way in which to light your home or commercial property more efficiently, without making concessions when it comes to the use of your lighting system. Take dimmers, for example. Generally speaking, dimmers will save energy even when on the brightest setting when compared to standard lighting on/off switches. By dimming the lights a bit, you can save even more.

Of course, you can go far beyond upgrading the manual controls of your lighting systems, if you so choose. You make your properties more convenient by automating your lighting systems. You can opt for occupancy based controls in a commercial property, for instance, to avoid wasting energy when someone forgets to turn out the light when leaving a room. Scheduled controls will adjust as necessary during regular business hours, shutting down when the work day is done. You can even make your home or commercial property safer by outfitting it with security and safety lighting, whether timed, automated, or motion-activated. When you work with the professionals on our staff, you will have the tools you need to control your lights to your exact specifications.

Contact FB Electrical Services today to learn more about your lighting control system options. We have the information that you need to determine how best to light your property.

With a great lighting control system in Cambridge, MA, you can illuminate your property in a precise, efficient, and effective manner.

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