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Your Home Security Options in Boston, MA

Thursday, September 25th, 2014

When you’re getting ready for bed, do you worry about the security of your home? Would you like to be able to better control the security of your home for when you go away on business or vacation? Feeling secure while you’re in your own home is important for most folks. For many, the home is a sanctuary, a resting spot, and a place where the family comes together on a daily basis. It’s where we eat, bathe, and hang out with friends. You want to make sure that your home security system is in good working order at all times so that you can be confident and at ease when under your roof.

Whether you currently have a basic home security system or not, there are some great options out there to help improve your home.

  • Security lighting. Improving the illumination around your property is a great way to deter nocturnal prowlers. You can have these on a timer to turn on when the sun goes down, or on motion sensors. There are plenty of fixtures to choose from, including floodlights which remain one of the most popular options. You can put this above your garage or front porch as well as the backyard. LED lights are another option that can be integrated into your security lighting system.
  • Video surveillance. Considering the development of digital video technology, video surveillance can be a great asset for any home security system. Cameras can be installed within and outside your home at strategic locations, and they can also be motion-activated or constantly running at all times. The video can be synchronized to your tablet or smartphone so that you can have real-time viewing of what’s going on at your home.

The key to any security system is hiring a professional who can advise you on the latest technological innovations in the industry as well as what products would work best for your home.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to FB Electrical Services Inc. today for expert home security consultation and installation services.

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The Advantage of New Furnace Installation

Friday, September 19th, 2014

With winter almost upon us, many homeowners are thinking about upgrading or even replacing their heating system. If you are one of those homeowners, you’ve probably already discovered the myriad of heating system options available to you. The sheer number of choices can be daunting, but we’re here to help. Let’s take a look at the advantage of new furnace installation.


The number one reason that furnaces remain the most popular heating system in the country is that of versatility. Furnaces come in a staggering number of variations, sizes, fuel types, and energy ratings. The most popular fuel type, natural gas, is accessible in most populated areas of the country. If you happen to live in one of the few areas it is not available, you can still use wood, oil, or propane.

Because of the popularity of furnaces, you can always find an HVAC company that has experience in servicing them. Replacement parts are also fairly easy to find, which can spare you days or weeks without heat while waiting for a part to be delivered. This also cuts down on the expense of maintenance and repairs. Those who use more specialized systems, like radiant heat and heat pumps, may not be so lucky.

Another aspect of their versatility is how easily furnaces interface with the rest of your home systems. Duct work that is already in place for air conditioning can serve the heating system just as well. Radiant systems, on the other hand, require extensive pipework be laid throughout the house for their exclusive use.

Finally, one of the best aspects of a furnace heating system is its speed. A furnace will start to provide heat almost as soon as it is turned on. Other systems like boilers, on the other hand, require several minutes to warm up before you start to feel the effects.

Furnaces are a great choice when it comes to installing a new heating system in your home.

If you are interested in installing a new furnace, call FB Electrical Services. We conduct furnace replacement throughout the Boston area.

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Why You Should Consider a Ceiling Fan for Your Home

Thursday, September 18th, 2014

Whether you own and operate a whole house heating and cooling system or get by on portable cooling units during the summer, it’s important that you take full advantage of every technology available to make your home a more comfortable and efficient place. You may think that owning a central air unit or furnace means that a ceiling fan is a bit superfluous, and you certainly couldn’t rely on a fan alone to provide sufficient heating and cooling throughout your home’s living space.

But there are some excellent reasons to consider a ceiling fan or several for your home. In today’s post, we’d like to take a look at some of the benefits of ceiling fans so that you can make an informed decision. Our electricians are always happy to have chat about what your home needs to make it more comfortable and convenient.

  • Energy efficiency. During the summer, we feel cooler when there our indoor air circulates throughout the home. We all know this. A ceiling fan allows you to adjust your thermostat accordingly so that you can thereby cut down on the amount of energy that your AC uses on a daily basis. The same goes for the winter. By sending your heated air around your living space, you can thereby lower the thermostat by a few degrees. This can lead to a substantial amount of energy savings in the long term. With a simple reversal of the fan’s motion, you can boost your home’s efficiency.
  • Air circulation and comfort. Cool air has a tendency to remain at the bottom of a room. While this may be good news for our feet when it comes to staying cool during hot days, you may find that the top of a given room in your home is much hotter than it should be. If that’s the case in your home, then a ceiling fan can circulate your cooled air throughout your living space to improve your comfort. During the winter, when your heated air stays at the top of the ceiling, it pulls down that air in order to evenly heat your indoor space.

Your ceiling fans should be appropriately sized for your indoor space. We can make sure that this is the case. Call us today to schedule service.


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Signs that You Need a Humidifier

Thursday, September 11th, 2014

Do you find that your home’s indoor air is extremely dry? Are you frustrated by dry skin and sore throats during the winter time? Do you need something a bit more comprehensive than the small humidifiers that you can buy at the local hardware store? If you own a central air unit/furnace combo or a heat pump, then you also have a network of ducts installed in your home. A whole house humidifier may be just what you need to ensure that your air is optimized when it comes to the humidity level. Dry air can disrupt your comfort and aggravate health issues.

While it can be difficult to determine with certainty whether you would benefit from a humidifier without first having assessed your indoor air quality, there are some common signs to look out for. These may give you a sense of urgency when it comes to improving your indoor air quality with a whole house humidifier.

  • Dry skin. Low humidity levels can really dry out your skin, especially during the winter. If you own a furnace, then you know how dry your indoor air can get considering the manner in which it is heated. A whole house humidifier allows you to humidify your entire indoor space instead of just a single room. That means reducing the unpleasantness of dry skin throughout your entire home.
  • Sore throats and nosebleeds. Dry skin affects the mucus membranes and it can also lead to the prolongation of sore throats. If you find that your indoor air is stuffy and it’s slightly difficult to take a deep breath, then you could probably benefit from a whole house humidifier. Frequent nosebleeds are another symptom of low humidity.
  • Inadequate or inefficient heating. The more moisture that your wintertime indoor air has, the easier it is to keep warm. Air with low humidity can be difficult to heat because of the lack of moisture. A whole house humidifier can actually improve your comfort and efficiency by optimizing your humidity levels.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to our HVAC professionals today to learn more about the benefits of a whole house humidifier. 

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Benefits of a Whole House Dehumidifier

Thursday, September 4th, 2014

Does your home suffer from stuffy, stale air? Does it feel like you’re walking through a swamp despite the cool air coming out of your AC? Are you looking for an alternative to portable dehumidifiers? There are numerous benefits to considering a whole house dehumidifier for your Boston, MA home. These systems integrate directly within your ductwork so only those who use a furnace, heat pump or central air unit are eligible. These devices work especially well during the summer, and we advise our customers to consider them whenever applicable. While portable units have their place, they can’t compare.

A whole house dehumidifier allows you to control the humidity levels in your home. Why is this important? Let’s have a look at some of the benefits.

  • Whole house coverage. One of the issues related to humidity is that it is by no means an isolated issue. You can’t expect to dehumidify a small area of your home and see results throughout your home. Whole house dehumidifiers are integrated directly within your HVAC system so that every cubic inch of air that is cooled is also thereby dehumidified according to your specific preferences. It gives you full control.
  • The end of stale air. One of the most common reasons for stale air in the home is the presence of moist air that continues to circulate airborne contaminants. While you cannot expect your dehumidifier to filter such particles out (that is the work of an air purifier), you can count on the resulting dehumidification to reduce the moisture and promote excellent indoor air quality.
  • Energy efficiency. Yes, your AC dehumidifies the air as it cools. The thermodynamic exchange between your warm indoor air and the cold liquid refrigerant in the evaporator coil causes some of that moisture in the air to condense on the outside of the coils. But it’s often the case that high humidity can overwhelm your air conditioner. In that sense, a whole house dehumidifier reduces the load that your AC has to contend with on those particularly steamy summer days.

Still not convinced? Give FB Electrical Services Inc. a call to learn more about the benefits of whole house dehumidifiers. 

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