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Code of Ethics

FB Electrical Service, Inc. Code of Ethics

  1. We will conduct ourselves in an ethical, professional, and responsible manner;
  2. We will carry out our duties in accordance with the Safety Codes Act and other applicable legislation, regulations, bylaws, and policies;
  3. We will promote and uphold the overriding value of safety in regard to ourselves, public well-being, and property;
  4. We will perform our duties with integrity, independence and objectivity;
  5. We conduct work only in areas in which we are qualified;
  6. We will maintain competence and endeavor to extend our technical and business knowledge, skills and abilities through ongoing education and professional development;
  7. We will model a positive regard for the profession and a commitment to the safety codes system;
  8. We will preserve confidentiality with respect to all information that comes to our knowledge from employment, unless the law requires or authorizes disclosure; 
  9. We will avoid any real or reasonably perceived conflicts of interest.